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Functional Medicine Supplements endeavored to do the impossible and design a natural pharmacy to meet the unique and customized needs of our patients while maintaining the trust, integrity, and professionalism of our practitioners.

What Makes Functional Medicine Supplements Different?

With so many supplement vendors on the market you might be wondering why you should bother to buy from us instead of grabbing vitamins at your favorite grocery or department store. Our customers choose us for a variety of reasons, but for most it comes down to a few driving factors:  The exceptional quality and purity of practitioner-approved products conveniently packaged along with personalized protocols and coaching services are a combination that can’t be beat.

Practitioner Selected Supplements

These premium lines rely on research, extensive testing, and unique expertise to provide therapeutic doses of nutrients that practitioners often recommend in their practices. They adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure you’re getting only the most potent, pure ingredients.








At Functional Medicine Supplements, we go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are getting the highest quality products available.  In the Wild West of the nutraceutical industry, patients can’t be too cautious when buying their vitamins. Many people don’t realize that the industry standards for supplement manufacturers are minimal.  All of the products sold through FM Supplements exceed national regulatory requirements. Our brands follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are subjected to strict third-party testing. You can rest assured you are getting the best possible supplements to give you the best possible outcome.


Buying your favorite products online from mega outlets or retailers come with some inherent risks.   Finding out your nutraceuticals were “knockoffs” can result in delayed healing or even an adverse reaction. Our products are all carefully selected for their purity and truth-in-labeling. Each contains the purest, raw ingredients in the proper form and dosage.  We stock supplements that do not contain fillers, binders, preservatives, allergens, or genetically modified organisms.

Allergen Free

We specialize in meeting the needs of sensitive populations with multiple allergies.  We stock products that are free of the major allergens: wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, shellfish, soybeans, and peanuts. In the event an allergen is present it is clearly marked and labeled.  If you have questions or allergies please reach out to our knowledgeable staff and we can help you make a selection.

Practitioner Approved

Each product we carry at FM Supplements has passed the rigorous critique of our functional medicine certified physicians. With the help of their input and feedback, we developed our inventory as a natural pharmacy doctors can prescribe from. We made this available to you so you can have the same level of confidence in your dietary supplement options, as you have in your healthcare needs.


Few other vendors offer such a diverse array of nutraceutical options from quality manufacturers.  Browse our inventory to find your favorite vitamins, minerals, protein shakes, weight loss supplements, fish oil, botanicals, essential oils, and more.


At FM Supplements, we can meet all of your supplement needs in a one-stop-shop online, and in our store. No more late-night searching the web or shopping store isles to find the products you need to feel better.  We are here to make your experience as simple and pleasant as possible so you can get back to the things that are important to you.