After a bear of a winter the valley is in full bloom again.  Unfortunately, this spells disaster for allergy sufferers.  The unusually wet Spring boosted growth of grass, rag weed, and trees that all rank high on the allergy index.  As those daily pollen counts continue to rise, you may notice your seasonal allergies are worse than usual. Many find their allergy medications no longer adequately control symptoms. Some have even commented that for the first time they are experiencing allergies this year. The itchy irritated eyes, nasal congestion and drainage, coupled with sinus pressure headaches can be down right miserable. The good news is we have natural remedies that are safe and effective. Our practitioners recommend trying D-Hist to squelch inflammation and Xlear to flush nasal passages.  Do they really work? Patient feedback has been a resounding Yes!!

400mg Stinging Nettle Leaf
300mg Vitamin C
400mg Quercetin
100mg Bromelain
50mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine
$18.02  40ct * w/ patient discount
$35.04 120ct * w/ patient discount

Natural Saline Flush
Clears Sinus Passages
Moistens Membranes
Grapefruit Seed Extract
$13.50 * with patient discount