1. Stay Hydrated– Simple as it sounds this is often an issue during the winter. When temperatures drop we tend to drink more coffee & hot tea and less water.  As comforting as they are, these diuretics dehydrate your system. To avoid dehydration drink room temperature beverages focusing on water and electrolyte replacements.  We love Seeking Health’s Optimal Electrolyte powder in berry flavor.
  2. Get Rested– Holiday stress can mess with sleep patterns. Disrupted or inadequate sleep tanks immunity, increases cortisol, and affects mood. Most adults need 8 hours of rest.  To get quality sleep turn off and unplug all electronic devices.  Place cell phones and other Wi-Fi devices in another room.  You would be amazed at the number of people whose insomnia resolved just by taking this step.
  3. Keep Moving– With shorter days and fewer outdoor events our activity levels can drop dramatically during the winter. Make a conscious effort to get moving.  More meditative practices such as yoga and tai chi are get options.
  4. Avoid Sugar– Sugar provides zero nutritional value and can tank the natural immune response.  The sugar from just one candy bar or one soda can cause your immune system response to drop for up to six hours.  To curb sugar cravings focus snack on fruits that provide sweetness plus antioxidants and vitamin C.
  5. Herbs & Supplements– Store shelves are lined with products promising to kick your cold, but which ones actually work? Some supplements have better science backing them than others. Look for the following when shopping for your next cold care remedy. Astragalus root, Echinacea root, and medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi are excellent herbal options.  Vitamins D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega Fatty 3 Acids support healthy immune function.