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Ultra Preventive ®-EZ Swallow


Douglas Laboratories is proud to offer an easy-to-swallow version of our Ultra Preventive® X tablets. The EZ tablets are smaller-sized and contain a natural vanilla-scented coating.

Studies show that a high percentage of adults in North America and other developed areas eat less than the
minimum daily allowance of 10 or more essential nutrients. Adequate amounts and proper balance of these
nutrients are needed not only for maintaining good health, but also for the dietary management of the body’s
structure as well as the optimum functioning of its various systems, including the immune and gastrointestinal

Ultra Preventive® X has been carefully developed to contain the right proportions of vitamins, minerals, trace
elements, and other nutrients without danger of toxic build-up or other side effects. Each ingredient is selected
in consideration of its absorbability, competitive relationship with other nutrients, allergenic potential, and longterm
safety. Certain nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B-complex vitamins are
included in high-potency amounts because of the vital roles they play in antioxidant protection, energy
production, the maintenance of healthy blood cells, the nervous system, hormonal balance, and more.
Minerals and trace elements are provided in their safest and most bioavailable forms.

Ultra Preventive® X contains Metafolin®, a patented, natural form of (6S) 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF).
5-MTHF is the naturally occurring, predominant form of folate commonly found in cells and is essential for
overall health, as it participates as a cofactor in a reaction that involves the remethylation of homocysteine to
methionine. Unlike synthetic folic acid, 5-MTHF can be used directly by the body, without the need for an
additional conversion via the enzyme (5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)). In certain
populations, the body’s ability to convert folic acid to 5-MTHF by use of this enzyme may be compromised due
to genetic differences. Metafolin® contains only the S isomer of 5-MTHF and has been shown to be the only
form of folate to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Additional vitamin D3 (also known as cholecalciferol) has been added to this formula as numerous scientists
now feel that supplementation with vitamin D at levels greater than previously thought necessary is critical to
helping maintain overall health.

Ultra Preventive® X includes important phytonutrients. Greens and several varieties of microalgae supply
chlorophyll, carotenes, B-vitamins, and trace elements. Fruits and vegetables in powder form provide naturally
occurring nutrients and antioxidants to help fight free radical damage and support cellular health. Cruciferous
vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower, offer protective sulforophane compounds known for their ability to induce
protective phase 2 liver detoxifying enzymes. Lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin are carotenoid antioxidants
known for ocular health and other healthy aging parameters. Enzymes such as betaine and bromelain aid in
the digestion of foods. Bioflavonoids (including hesperidin and rutin) and proanthocyanidins support and
recycle vitamin C, and are known for their ability to help support the health of the body’s capillary system and
connective tissues.


Adults take 8 tablets daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. This product is best taken with meals in divided doses, such as 4 tablets with 2 largest meals of the day.

No adverse side effects have been reported.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.