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Vita-Kids™ Immune


Vita-Kids Immune provides a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals designed to support immune health in a great tasting natural grape flavored liquid.


Free radicals are unstable compounds formed in the body during metabolism and from exposure to
environmental sources such as pollution and cigarette smoke. Free radicals are necessary for energy
metabolism and immune function, but when an excessive number of free radicals are formed, they can attack
healthy cells, especially their membrane lipids and proteins. This, in turn, is thought to affect a number of body
processes, including optimal functioning of the immune system. Beta-carotene is an important antioxidant
nutrient that protects healthy cells from oxidative and free radical damage. Numerous studies have
demonstrated the importance of beta-carotene for normal immune function. The immune benefits of betacarotene
are due to its vitamin A precursor role and its antioxidant functions. Zinc is an essential trace element
involved in most major metabolic pathways. General signs of human zinc deficiency indicate that zinc has
important functions in maintaining immune function, reproduction, healthy skin, and growth. Numerous studies
support the fundamental role of zinc in normal immune response in humans. Immune cells must be able to
rapidly divide in order to respond to daily challenges. Like all rapidly dividing cells, immune cells depend on
adequate amounts of dietary zinc. Blueberries contain a powerful class of antioxidants known as
proanthocyanidins. Proanthocyanidins are among the most powerful natural free-radical scavengers yet
discovered. As such, proanthocyanidins have their own unique place in the body’s overall protection against
harmful free radical damage. Healthy immune function can also be maintained by supporting a well balanced
production of cytokines. Studies using elderberry have indicated that it may have effective immuno-protective
abilities, including supporting a balanced production of cytokines. Honeysuckle has also been reported for its
immuno-protective properties.