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I visited Functional Medicine Supplements while I was at my doctor appointment. They are very friendly. I purchased aloe vera juice for my stomach discomfort and it is working! I am so glad I don’t have to take pills anymore. Thanks for the info !!

Lisa P.

Boise, ID

I was advised that I might have better results taking Red Yeast Rice and Co Q10 dietary supplements. Since taking these supplements, my cholesterol levels have not only lowered to normal levels but I also have none of the side effects experienced previously. In addition, I can take both of these supplements in one pill in a product called Choleast.

Thanks again for your recommendation!

Robert Q.

Meridian, ID

I have taken vitamins from Costco and expensive health food stores and have never seen the results I’ve seen since my doctor had me start taking the vitamins from Functional Medicine Supplements. My favorite is the Xymogen ProbioMax Daily DF since I can feel the difference compared to ones from the health food store. I thought the multivitamins I had been taking were good, until I tried the PhytoMulti multivitamin since it gave me so much energy. I also really enjoy their Vitamin D and magnesium and I can feel the difference when I take them. The quality that Functional Medicine Supplements has is superb. I have issues with digestion and I can actually digest the ones I get from them, which is an important quality. I can’t say enough about these vitamins and they stand behind their products since they know that they work. If you don’t take vitamins from Functional Medicine Supplements, then you’re missing out. I do believe that they have something going for them.

Thank you to my doctor, for recommending these vitamins. I wouldn’t have otherwise known that all vitamins are not created equal.

S. Edward

I started taking magnesium citrate because I was having trouble with horrible migraines along with really bad Charlie horses. After taking the magnesium for a little over a month, I haven’t had a migraine or a Charlie horse. I highly recommend it for people who have muscle cramps or headaches on a regular basis.

K. Jacobsen

Alexis has extreme knowledge in this area – she always has some really good ideas.

Rebecca P.

Very knowledgeable (Alexis) on nutrition, offering very helpful suggestions that fit into my lifestyle, individualized.

Janine R.

A couple of years ago I found out I was very low on Vitamin D so I took it in pill form. At my next check up I found out I was still very low on Vit D and was told my body was not absorbing the Vitamin D in pill form. Cynthia Culp got me started on the liquid Vitamin D and luckily she sold right out of her office at the pharmacy.I now buy her Vitamin D in liquid form through you guys and take it down to her when I go.The price is reasonable for the amount you get. I am very grateful I can buy it.

Deanna B.

Meridian, ID

A couple of years ago I found out I was very low on Vitamin D so I took it in pill form. At my next Highly recommend Functional Medicine Supplements and its products! I’ve taken the Iron with Vitamin C and the Prenatal vitamins and couldn’t be happier with my health and the results. Great staff as well!

Audrey C.

I am a huge fan of Functional Medicine Supplements. The staff is very knowledgeable and super friendly. The prices are the lowest I’ve found for the products. My nurse practitioner recommended them for the quality of their vitamins and supplements. I bought some strong probiotics elsewhere, then the last time I was at Functional Medicine Supplements, I saw the same product for $7 cheaper. Next time, I’ll go to Functional Medicine Supplements first.


I just wanted you to know how much I love your Nordic Berries multivitamin. Taking vitamins has always been a hassle between my mom and I. Some are huge and hard to swallow, others are chewable and taste awful. Thanks to the Nordic Berries there is no more hassle in our house about taking vitamins. I actually look forward to chewing the berries. Thank you so much for providing a great tasting vitamin for us teenagers!

J. Felter

I love, love, love your VegaPro protein powder! I use it every morning. I love the taste and how it satisfies my hunger and gives me energy. Plus…I’m losing weight too! Thank you for providing a great alternative to soy protein.

T. Felter

I have been greatly helped by Ther-Biotic Complete (a probiotic from Functional Medicine Supplements) for Lichen Sclerosus. I was miserable with a bad case of it which included bleeding and extreme irritation. Tight pants and sitting down was extremely uncomfortable for me. I found out from a naturopath to open up the capsule and sprinkle it on the affected area. I started feeling some relief within the first 2 weeks. As time went on I was able to use it about every 3 days. It was such a relief to be pain-free again.

M. Cushings

When I find a product that actually works really well, I like to spread the word! I was lucky to find this product on my last visit to Functional Medicine Supplements. It was kismet! I was there picking up some other items I buy from them and as I stood at the window, talking to Alexis, I started catching a cold. Right then and there!! The beginning of the runny nose, congested feeling, the whole thing! She let me know about a relatively new product they carry called Transfer Factor Multi-Immune. She did not pressure me in any way and just relayed some of the successes she was aware of regarding others in our community who have used it. Anyway, I decided it was worth a try. Long story short, my cold never materialized. I have since taken it on some long business trips; have ridden plane after plane, stayed in multiple hotels and have been around thousands of people and still have yet to catch a cold. I want to thank Alexis for letting me know about it. It is just one of the ways Functional Medicine Supplements is on the lookout to provide the best products available to their customers!

Rebecca S.

Eagle, ID

I am a 68-year old grandmother. After years of trying sleeping and over-the-counter-pills, I was still unable to fall asleep until nearly morning. Having to awaken and face the day was an exhausting and depressing thought and action.

I did some research about the Adrenal glands and suspected I had Adrenal Dysfunction, with symptoms I exhibited.

I was advised to try Adrenal Essence and was very open to the suggestion. What a wonderful product! I took one capsule in the morning and one at bedtime. I began to sleep easily through the night! It does not give me medicine head or make me groggy during the day. I will never be out of this product. It is as important to my health as water.

Thank you so much for inventorying this product. It is a god-send.

K. Morris

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to Alexis. I have accomplished more health-wise, physically and mentally in the two weeks Alexis has helped in the process to get me into Ketosis. I have tried it all since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and other auto immune health issues.  The Prism, Perricone, Shed  Cleanse, Fit Girl, Whole 30 and Forks over Knives.  Yes, I even went Vegan for a year!  I gave a 6 month to a year commitment to all these programs individually. But in these 2 weeks my brain fog, energy level and chronic fatigue have improved greatly.  My body does not ache, I feel happy, and my appetite is very satisfied.  I feel full, without any cravings.  And…..the bonus of a 10lb loss in 2 weeks is unbelievable!    Many tries with all the other programs never achieved this level of success.  All these bonuses did not come together as a whole. I am so thankful Alexis took the time to get to know me, the foods I like, my lifestyle and my exercise program.  She custom-tailored a plan that works for my goals.  I so appreciate her professionalism, knowledge and kindness.  So many times I have struggled on my own with determination.  Now I have a great advocate! It’s not just about weight.  It’s the whole program package for me, with a healthy lifestyle.  Covering all my issues to achieve a better way of life.

Patti L.